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1.Hard Coat :-These Glasses are protect our eye pollution ,Dust and Clear our vision quality For Distance And near .

2.Photochromic :-This is the Special variety of Glass in which the special coating are provided for glasses for protection our eyes from Harmfull Sun Uv rays.This is the special type of glasses for provided for those people are facing the water and itching problems is own eyes from harfull Sunlights.These Glasses are protects all types of harmfull uv rays from increases sunrays.In these glasses black in colour on contact the harmfull uv raises.

3.Bio focal :- In These Glasses are Provided for those peoples are both vision are weak Like Near and distance. In These glasses are devided in two parts one is Distance vision and second is near Vision  for devidation the distance and near vision in these glasses uses round top Partition in these glasses .These Glasses are available in all type of Glass Coating . These Glasses are protect our eyes From pollution ,Dust and Clear our vision quality For Distance And near Vision & protect harmfull light like Computer,Moblie ,Laptops ights.



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