Sandeep Kumar

life’s things will unfold. For no one rejects, or hates, or shuns pleasure, because it is pleasure itself, but because great pains result from those who do not know how to follow pleasure by reason.

Moreover, there is no one who wants to experience pain itself because pain is love, enhanced, but because there will never be times of that sort.

They fall in so much pain and fatigue that they seek some great pleasure. For, to the slightest degree, which of us undertakes any laborious physical exercise, except to obtain some advantage from it? But who can rightly condemn him who wishes to be in that pleasure which is the result of no annoyance?

And of these indeed

But we both accuse and deem them most worthy of just hatred, who, blinded by desire to soothe and corrupted by the flattery of the present pleasures, do not foresee what pains and annoyances they will receive; And the distinction between these things is easy and easy.